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Full Name: Gordon Brian Cook
Rank Last Held: Corporal
Forename(s): Gordon Brian
Surname: Cook
War: Korean War, 1950-1953
Serial No.: 33004
Date of Birth: 29 October 1930
Occupation before Enlistment: Regular soldier
Next of Kin: Mrs E.M. Cook (mother), Hastings, New Zealand
Body on Embarkation: Kayforce
Other Units: Regular Force 1948-52
Last Unit Served: Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps
Place of Death: Korea
Date of Death: 26 May 1952
Age at Death: 21
Year of Death: 1952
Cause of Death: Died of wounds
Cemetery Name: United Nations Cemetery, Pusan, Korea
Memorial Name: Auckland War Memorial Museum, Hall of Memories. Korea, Malaya-Borneo.
Obituary: "Corporal Gordon Brian Cook, of the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps, who was serving with the 5th Dragoon Guards, has died from wounds received in Korea. His mother is Mrs E.M. Cook, of Hastings. Corporal Cook was one of 55 regular soldiers at present serving in Korea. He was serving with the 5th Dragoon Guards, which is equipped with Centurion tanks." (NZ Herald, 29 May 1952, p. 8)
Biographical Notes:
  • Served with Regular Force 1948-52
  • Served with Kayforce 1951-52
  • "At dawn the Centurions would pull back off the hill. To stay in position in daylight would be to draw enemy artillery fire--not such a problem to the tank crews in the relative safety of their steel cocoons but greatly resented by the surrounding infantry, crouching in slit trenches. The New Zealanders faced similar dangers when they were outside their tanks, of course, and it was during a heavy bombardment of the 28 Brigade area in May 1952 that they suffered their only fatal casualty. Corporal G.B. Cook was one of two men killed and six wounded by more than a hundred enemy shells which landed in their squadron's headquarters area." (McGibbon 1996, vol. 2, pp. 274-75)
Description of Image:
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum, Hall of Memories. Korea, Malaya-Borneo (taken in April 1999).
  • Hall of Memories WW2, Auckland War Memorial Museum, looking East (taken in April 1999)
Further References:
  • Ian McGibbon, New Zealand and the Korean War, Volume II: Combat Operations, Oxford University Press, Auckland, 1996, pp. 275, 371, 401.
  • New Zealand in the Korean War. NZHistory online. URL:
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